League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL, 7/29/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LPL slate for Wednesday, July 29th, and see who stands out (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 5:00 a.m. EST.). Here are the starting lineups for the LPL.

TeamMatch RecordMap RecordAverage Towers
Per Game
Average Dragons
Per Game
JD Gaming11-223-97.22.53
FunPlus Phoenix7-617-166.12.67
LGD Gaming8-417-136.52.57

What is hotter than the sun? Whatever the answer is, that is where we will find JD Gaming, who are now tied for first in the LPL and on a 10-series winning streak. They are massive favorites in their series -- as is expected -- while the other matchup has FunPlus Phoenix as a very slight favorite.

Star - 1.5x Points

Yagao, JD Gaming ($9,300) and all of the players on JD Gaming are viable fantasy options on this or seemingly any slate. As noted above, they are on a 10-series winning streak and have been putting up big points in each and every series. They have won five of those 10 series via a 2-0 sweep, granting them the sweep bonus points. Their opponent, eStar (3-9), is a bottom-tier LPL team, and we should be looking at another dominant performance from JD Gaming.

That is the easiest way to put things. Stack as many players from JD Gaming as you can afford, and one of them should be Yagao. He comes in with 93 FanDuel points or more in four of his last six series, while posting 11 kills or more in each of his last three series.


GimGoon, FunPlus Phoenix ($7,900) has been in the lineup for only two series, and FunPlus Phoenix have won both. This is an encouraging sign since they were previously slipping down the standings in a hurry. In those two series, GimGoon posted 10 kills, 30 assists, and 14 deaths -- for totals of 72 and 47 FanDuel points. It's a decent floor of points with a strong ceiling he can reach for if FunPlus run away with the series.


Peanut, LGD Gaming ($8,000) is the second-cheapest jungler on the slate but is fully viable in fantasy for a few reasons. First off, you simply cannot afford to stack all of JD Gaming; they are too expensive. Secondly, due to roster construction rules, you need to roster players from at least three different teams. So, Peanut makes sense, and don't worry, he isn't some random throwaway player.

He comes in with 74, 97, and 94 FanDuel points over his last three series, but this shouldn't come as a surprise since he holds the seventh-highest (4.60) Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) among all junglers in the LPL Summer Split. I don't want to say you need to roster Peanut, but he makes so much sense for a variety of reasons.


xiye, LGD Gaming ($8,400) will be the second-cheapest Mid-Laner on the slate and is a good fantasy option. JGD Gaming are only slight underdogs versus FunPlus Phoenix, so you can look to them for some players. xiye has been posting some serious fantasy numbers lately, and it's not what you would expect from a player at his salary.

He has 84 FanDuel points or more in four of his last five series, which is actually more than Doinb ($8,900), who is more expensive. This is a winnable series for LGD, and if they pull it off, xiye will have a big hand in doing so.


LokeN, JD Gaming ($10,300) is shaping up to be the "right answer" on this slate. Yes, he is the most expensive ADC, but he also comes in with an amazing floor of points -- along with a very high ceiling. Over JD Gaming's 10-series winning streak, he has posted 76 FanDuel points or more in every single series, and he has reached more than 108 FanDuel points four times.

If you are rolling out one lineup or 50 lineups, you should be doing everything you can to get LokeN in as many spots as you can afford him. Stacking JD Gaming is the right call, and having LokeN lead the way is also the right call.


LvMao, JD Gaming ($8,000) is the Robin to LokeN being Batman, and when you stack them together, you are looking at a ton of fantasy points. He is the most expensive support on the slate -- which isn't great -- but with that, you are getting a level of safety no other support can match. You're also getting a ceiling as high as 86 FanDuel points since JD Gaming can sweep this series.


eStar ($7,200) are the cheapest team on the slate and could be used as a punt play. You should be looking to spend up for a JD Gaming stack, and that means finding some salary relief somewhere. This could lead you to eStar in the team spot. They're a squad that has lost five of their last six series -- which doesn't sound great -- but they have managed to post 25 FanDuel points or more in five of those series. They are at least being productive in a losing effort, bringing some value to your lineups.