League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LCS, 7/31/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport, or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

The LCS Summer Split is officially here, and the official schedule is here, which will show you each week they will have two games on Fridays, four on Saturdays, and four on Sundays. All matches are a single game, not a best-of-three series. This slate locks on Friday, July 31st at 9 p.m. EST.

Team Liquid vs. Dignitas

Team Liquid (11-3) comes into this matchup with the second-best record in the LCS, and they are heavy favorites over Dignitas (4-10), who have the second-worst record. As you would imagine, this is a spot to stack Team Liquid in a big way.

When it comes to the overall highest Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) in the LCS, Team Liquid has four players in the top 10. Those four players are Tactical ($10,200), Broxah ($8,800), CoreJJ ($7,900), and Jensen ($9,1000). They are the most expensive team on this two-game slate, but they're well worth their high salaries due to the upside they bring in this favorable matchup.

Realistically, the only issue when it comes to Team Liquid is fitting them all into one lineup since this is a two-game slate and there are limited value plays. Ideally, stacking at least three of their top four players would give your lineup a solid floor of points to build from.

Due to roster construction rules, you have to roster players from at least three different teams, which means you might be in a spot where you have to play someone from Dignitas. If that is the case, aphromoo ($6,900), who comes in with double-digit assists in three of his last five games, is the best option.

Team SoloMid vs. Evil Geniuses

This matchup should be much closer than to the Liquid-Dignitas one, and it's a spot where we can find viable fantasy options on both sides. TSM (9-5) are coming off a strong 2-0 performance last week, while EG are 2-2 in their last four games since changing their starting lineup.

Both Doublelift ($9,900) and Bjergsen ($8,900) flashed their upside in the second game last week, when the both posted over 30 FanDuel points against CLG. They are the two star-players for the team and will always be their primary options in terms of fantasy and the real game. Broken Blade ($7,800) was also able to post more than 30 FanDuel points against CLG, which was the first time he was over 20 fantasy points in his last five games.

On the Evil Geniuses' side of things, their best player without question is the former World Champion, Bang ($9,500). He has posted 25 FanDuel points or more in five of his last seven games and is their most consistent player by a long shot. Stacking multiple players from EG should be less popular compared to a TSM stack and could offer some leverage in tournaments.

If you were to go this route, Huni ($7,700) and Goldenglue ($8,500) would make the most sense with their potential upside.